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How to treat your sunburn

Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of water to help cool off your skin.

Take an anti-inflammatory
Take some ibuprofen, which will block the formation of chemicals that cause redness.

Cool Off
Chill a thick moisturizer on the fridge or freeze some Aloe Vera Gel in ice cube trays. The cold moisturizer will ease the burn and the aloe will vera provides extra reflex by reducing inflammation.

Lather Up
Moisturize the moment you notice the burn to stop your skin from peeling.


Try this homemade recipe

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Tip for Swimmers

Very few intermediate swimmers exhale properly into the water. Nearly all intermediate swimmers think they are exhaling correctly. This an important swimming technique; getting your exhalation right will make freestyle feel much easier, get you balanced in the water and as a bonus, make you more relaxed while swimming. This will benefit any swimmer, from beginner to elite.