Isabella Cagnana Bio

Hello! My name is Isabella Cagnana, I am currently a student at Broward College and have always loved the water. I was captain of my high school water polo team, (Deerfield Beach IB program, represent!) I would also commonly stand in on my coaches REC swim teams when needed. It is also very likely that your children and I enjoy the same things, (Disney characters, video games, super hero movies, etc.) So, we will have a lot in common! I own my own reliable transportation and am willing to drive 25miles out (however this can be discussed). If you do not have a pool you would comfortably do lessons in, I am willing to do lessons in either of the 2 pools that are in my gated community, based off of your preference.

I am Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR/AED certified as well as a certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Proof of certifications down below. I currently do work in both of those areas, I have experience teaching ages younger than preschool, to teenagers, all the way up to adults. I have also taught for all levels of swimming abilities.

I am the oldest cousin of a very large family and have had years of experience dealing with children of all ages. Because of my history of water sports, especially in leadership positions, I am capable of teaching everything from learning to swim for the first time, to competitive strokes, block diving, and treading water. I pride myself in being able to be flexible in my teaching in order to set lesson plans specifically to the needs of the student. I also provide my own swimming tools, such as noodles, kickboards, etc.

I provide swim lessons in Broward County: 

  • Coral Springs
  • Plantation

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