Job Details for Swim Instructors

Title: Swim Instructor

Report to: Scheduling Coordinator

Status: Part-time, hourly

Pay: $10 – $14, hourly

As a Superior Aquatic Training Instructor you are responsible for teaching children and adults to become safe and happy swimmers, regardless of age or ability. You do this by following the Superior Aquatic Training approved teaching curriculum. This curriculum ensures that each student in our program initially learns water survival skills and then progresses to propulsion and stroke development.

It is your responsibility to convey Superior Aquatic Training philosophy and to ensure that all students feel safe and secure while you are conducting lessons.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Arriving for work at least 10 minutes before the start of lessons to help with setup and to check that the site is clean and ready for classes.
  • Being correctly dressed in and prepared pool-side 5 minutes before the start of your first lesson.
  • Following correct teaching methods as detailed in the Superior Aquatic Training training manual and as directed by Management.
  • Ensuring classes run smoothly.
  • Being aware and implementing new procedures and training methods.
  • Attending regular staff meetings as requested by your Scheduling Coordinator.
  • Informing the Scheduling Coordinator of any maintenance issues that need addressing.
  • Greeting all clients and ensuring that children are properly enrolled in classes and with their assigned teacher.
  • Being aware of emergency procedures.
  • Arranging a substitute to cover your classes. Vacation will not be permitted between May and September.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • You are to be versed and competent in all levels and abilities of teaching swimming from toddlers to advanced swimmers, as well as adult swimmers.
  • Monitoring of your classes, student move-ups to next level, and your personal teaching quality in the water to ensure a safe and fun learning environment.
  • Knowledge of Swim School Operations including all aspects or your training manual
  • Good verbal communication skills, bilingual a plus.

Special Requirements:

Swim Instructors must be willing to work overtime, holidays, and weekends as required by business needs and as requested by management.