One Day Group Swimming Lesson


Our Water Safety Instructors are Red Cross certified, they are trained to teach all levels by age and ability to all age groups including adults. Schedule your swim lessons with us today!

Ages 3-5

Pool Address:  6501 West Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, Fl 33313 

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Disclaimer: There are absolutely no refunds or class rescheduling for the One Day $ 5 Group Lessons.  

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One Day Group Swimming Lesson

* A lesson consists of one thirty minute swimming lessons with up to 6 students in a class.

Level 1 – Introduction to Water. 

Ages 3 – 5
Ages 6 – 11

This class is for children who have little to no water experience. Designed
to help swimmers feel comfortable in the water. Objectives: Blowing
bubbles, submerging mouth, nose, eyes; opening eyes under water and retrieving objects. Front and back float with assistance.

Level 2 – Introduction to Water.
Ages 3 – 5
Ages 6 – 11

This class is for children who are comfortable in the water or had lessons before. Objectives: Float on front and back independently. Submerging, holding breath, bobbing and retrieving Objects. Alternating arm and leg actions on front and back.

Level 3 – Introduction to Water Skills.
Ages 3 – 5
Ages 6 – 11

This class is for children who are swimmers. The goal is to learn the
basics of the freestyle (front crawl). Objectives: Front crawl and
elementary backstroke. Rotary breathing, flutter kick, and arm action.

Level 4 – Stroke Development

Ages 3 – 5
Ages 6 – 11

This class is for children who are very comfortable in the water. The child
will continue to develop the freestyle and backstroke and be introduced
To the breaststroke, butterfly kick, and proper breathing techniques.

Level 4 – Stroke Improvement
Ages 5 +

This is our pre-competitive class. This class is designed to prepare
children for joining the swim team, perfect stroke mechanics, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly drills.

Adult Lessons
Ages 12+

Participants will be taught to the level in which they are at. Objectives: submerging mouth, nose, and eyes; front and back float, front crawl,
alternating arm and leg action.

Private Lesson
Ages 3 + Adults

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